IT Support


Multiple office moves in cities cross the UK and Europe

Multi-million file data migrations with no user impact

Building out full trading infrastructures from the ground up

Successful business recovery for new clients hit by ransomware and abandoned by their existing support providers

IT Support for Forex trading firms

Since 2007 our team has provided excellent support services to a number of leading Forex brokers based in the City of London. We have provided additional resources to internal IT support departments, replaced outsourced IT vendors when more industry specific knowledge has been required.

Disaster recovery as a service - DRaaS

Far too many businesses do not have a disaster recovery or business continuity plan in place. Granted the chances of an all-out loss of your premises or systems is low. But it does happen. Through flooding, fire or ransomware.

Having your servers backed up into our datacentres means that in the event of a disaster we are able to spin up those servers in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks. Once operational we can activate licenses for our remote desktop service and your teams are then able to work from any device as if they were in the office. Sounds good? It is!

Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS

Having your own server in the cloud gives your business so many more options, whether it be running bespoke applications or having the power to process things quicker without the initial outlay of the equipment, its running costs, and the ongoing maintenance We can supply both windows and Linux servers to your specifications

SBC can tailor server packages to your exact needs, whether it be 1 server or 100 servers we can work with your business to provide you the best fit solution. Servers come with Antivirus, threat locker, and windows updates as standard. We can also provide managed firewall services should you want extra control and flexibility to our environment.

Co- Location Rackspace

If your business has outgrown the on premise server room and you’re looking for rack space in a datacentre