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Website Monitoring

Make vital changes to website performance, enhance end-user experience and boost your business potential by having the right mix of Website Uptime Monitoring, Full Page Load, Transaction Monitoring and Web Stress Tester.

Server Monitoring

Secure the vital hub of your IT system with Monitis Server/Device Monitoring, with native agents for Windows and Linux, CPU, Memory, Storage and Disk, TCP protocols, SNMP and other features inclusive.

Network Monitoring

Eliminate system failures and protect your entire network with Monitis agent-based monitoring, available for Windows® and Linux®, with all-inclusive offerings package of network devices.

Application Monitoring

Ensure the availability of your business-critical applications with Monitis’ in-depth application monitoring. Application monitors are available for MySQL, MSSQL, JMX/Java and Nginx and more.

Cloud Monitoring

Get instant alerts on regularly updated list of popular cloud providers, such as Amazon®, Rackspace® and GoGrid®.

Custom Monitoring

Have specific monitoring needs? Set your own rules for any type of system and metrics with our easy-to-use API, full documentation included.

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